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Genta Leather Products SRL - Leather Goods Manufacturer

Genta Leather Products SRL is a manufacturer of leather goods and leather accesories, made manually and mechanized in our own workshops. The Romanian brand from Transylvania (Romania) is focused on the special quality of the raw materials used and the modern production techniques, as well as on the originality of the design of the articles. In this way, Genta ensures high quality, authentic products and products in the country. Among the main articles made by Genta are leather bags, women's purse, Men's wallets, leash collars and leather harnesses for dogs, laptop leather sleeve & tablet cases but also other leather accessories. The Genta workshop is modernly equipped with various industrial machines that help to make leather items in a short time and at a high quality. For our collaborators, we offer manufacturer prices for leather goods, whether they are created from scratch or we already have them in production. Also, within the collaboration, the products can be customized for the customer, both in size and shape. Our clients can also benefit from the realization of leather goods under private label (the logo of you company).

leather goods manufacturer

manufacturer's price

We offer manufacturer prices, they differ depending on the frequency and quantity ordered.

leather goods

product customization

Depending on the quantity ordered, the products can be customized with your company logo.

leather goods

New Products

At the customer's request, we can make new products to the dimensions and specifications mentioned.

pay at term

Pay at term

After the first order successfully completed, you have the possibility to pay on time for the following orders.

Request product catalog Bags, manufacturer prices.

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    10 'Tablet Case & Laptop Bag Real Leather

  • leather goods company

    Landscape Tablet Case, 10 ' Real Leather

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    Brown Laptop Bag, Unisex Real Leather

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    Gray Laptop Bag Real Leather

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    Vintage Lady Bag, BrownReal leather

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    Dark Brown Laptop Bag Real leather

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    Brown Lady wallet, Real Leather

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    Black Lady Backpack Real leather

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    Black Lady Backpack Real lether

Main product categories

manufacturer of women's bags and backpacks

Bags - Backpacks, lady Manufacturer of women's bags and backpacks, leather

We make the whole range of women's items, like leather bags, backpacks, briefcases both casual / business and classic.

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lady wallet manufacturer

Leather wallet, lady Manufacturer of women's wallets, genuine leather

Genta is a manufacturer of women's wallets, made of real leather. Women's purses are the best-selling products in our range.

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leather accessories

Leather belts and accessories Genta is also a manufacturer of leather accessories

We make various accessories from real leather, such as leather straps, keychains, mousepads, textile and leather aprons, card holders, handbags, etc.

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men's bag manufacturer

Leather people, men Manufacturer of leather men's bags, to order

We make leather bags for men, to order. The bags are handmade in our workshop, quality guaranteed.

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men's wallet manufacturer

Leather wallets, men Manufacturer of men's wallets, made of natural leather

We offer manufacturer prices for men's wallets, depending on the desired quantity. Slim wallets, genuine leather.

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producator husa laptop si tablete piele

Lpatop Sleeves Lpatop & tablet leather Sleeves Manufacturer

We make to order natural leather sleeves for both tablets and laptops.

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About Us

We started in 2014 and formed a team of creative young people, who appreciate handmade work, especially when it comes to the production of leather accessories. The production of leather goods is made in Bistrita-Nasaud, Cristestii Ciceului village, and then the products are brought to the warehouse in Cluj-Napoca where they are distributed in partner stores.
Attention to detail is our main asset but also communication with our customers throughout the collaboration, to make sure that the final product is the one desired by the beneficiary.

You can find us at the email address contact[at]genta.ro